Love Warriors


We are on the verge of humanity’s greatest shift in consciousness.
Our mission is to be empowered through the awareness of choice and to CHOOSE LOVE over fear and live a LOVEstyle that represents our soul’s truest expression.

CHOOSE LOVE clothing is a wearable statement of the intention to be who we are and to live a lifestyle where the choice is always LOVE.


CHOOSE LOVE is more than a fashion brand.

We are a community that inspires the embodiment of our unique LOVEstyle... a lifestyle that represents our authentic selves which allows the experience of true self love and beauty from the inside out.


The choice is to love ourselves first and foremost and to express that love so that it can be radiated out into the world.


A Love Warrior is an inspirational woman who has harnessed her passion to inspire others and personifies LOVE in all that she does.

Together we are a worldwide community of conscious and courageous divine feminines of all ages who are committed to choosing love over fear, are embracing our own unique LOVEstyle and are passionately living our truth.

We believe that together we can do more.

WE are on a mission to build a community of lovers, dreamers, visionaries, doers and thinkers.

WE support each other to reach our highest potentials.

From a place of wholeness within, we have the capacity to share more love in the world.

It starts with US.


Join us as a LOVE WARRIOR ambassador by supporting and wearing the CHOOSE LOVE brand and spreading the message of choosing love over fear in every moment.

We are offering you the opportunity to take this cause and make it your own.

What we ask is to share your own unique LOVE journey by posting photos and content on your social media to inspire others to define their own LOVEstyle.

We are offering a 10% commission on any sale made through your posts via a source code.

Apply HERE and join our tribe of #LOVEWARRIORS

Choose it. Wear it.
Embody it. Share it.

Be a warrior for love.