The Journey

The search for the sensation of an artisanal, hand-crafted, organic feeling in texture and color collection of materials for CHOOSE LOVE guided me to travel to the source...Lima, Arequipa, and the Sacred Valley of Peru. My intention was to honor made-by-hand garments and pay tribute to a culture dedicated to the preservation of native expression through a way of life almost forgotten by current trends of mass production and industrialization. My wish is for you to experience these traditions through the love, care, and attention to detail created by these artisan's wearable works of art. We all know that it takes an army to move a mountain and a village to raise a child. The birth of CHOOSE LOVE is a testament to both. We need each other....this IS the bottom line. This brand would not exist without the extraordinary support, contribution, talent, and teamwork of a group of, sometimes "superhuman", awe-inspiring, individuals. I extend my deepest heartfelt gratitude. You ARE the circle of love.
Thank you for your support.

Daniela London



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